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Promenade Meran bei Dorf Tirol

Tappeinerweg path, promenades and Waalweg trails

The Tappeinerweg path is a true gem amongst the promenades of Meran. Starting at Gratsch above the Küchelberg hill, on a sunny hillside with Mediterranean vegetation and with no significant gradient, it runs down to Meran and the heart of the historic city. Other recommended promenades are the Kurpromenade, Gilfpromenade, Falknerpromenade and Winterpromenade.

The Waalwege, ancient water channels used to irrigate the farmland in the valley, are today the inspiration for many a cheerful walker along their course. These old waterways form charming routes through the landscape, a link between the Mediterranean and the Alpine. With eight shorter stages and a total length of 84 kilometres, it is possible to do a round tour of the Meran valley bowl. These walks are recommended at any time of year and offer magnificent views of the beautiful natural landscape.

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