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Close to history and culture

A lot of history is hidden in the numerous sights and facilities in the Merano area. This is also the case in Dorf Tirol, where you will discover a history full of new impressions and emotions. The small village and the surroundings of Merano have a lot to tell from the past. Of course, nature also plays an important role. The mountains, the variety of plants, and the heavenly animal kingdom always take center stage in South Tyrol.

Get to know the Merano area and its surroundings from a unique and adventurous perspective.

In Dorf Tirol, the magnificent, quaint Castle Tyrol is particularly striking. A fantastic history and an exclusive architecture tell of earlier times. The magnificent flora and fauna and the moving history of South Tyrol are simply part of a holiday in South Tyrol.

Experience the diversity of the Merano region

Dorf Tirol, the cradle of the Tyrol region – Fascinating heritage of the Counts of Tyrol. Art, culture, and nature continue to shape the diversity that you will experience in your holiday in Dorf Tirol today. The center of the holiday resort with its charming corners and squares exudes joy of life and holiday feeling from the manageable and lovable alleys.

The expansive nature sustains and shapes. Our holiday resort is an ideal starting point for varied days between mountain and valley. Numerous, very well-marked hiking trails lead you from Mediterranean promenades to mountain hikes and panoramic summit tours. During your holiday with us, every nature and culture enthusiast, whether beginner or professional, will find the right leisure activity. The Merano region is incomparable with any other holiday region in South Tyrol in terms of its versatility and the wealth of sights.

In the center of Merano, those seeking relaxation indulge in the diverse leisure and spa facilities, while shopping enthusiasts enjoy the varied offerings in the historic alleys and the streets characterized by magnificent Art Nouveau buildings.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

On the sunny slope above Merano, where Empress Sissi once strolled, the blooming gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle stretch out.

Opening Hours:
01.04. – 31.10.: 9.00 – 19.00 (last entry: 18.00)
01.11. – 15.11.: 9.00 – 17.00 (last entry: 16.00)
Closed on Sundays - No pets allowed

Tel. +39 0473 235730
Fax +39 0473 235731

Castle Tyrol

Ancestral castle of the Tyrol, South Tyrol Museum of Cultural and Regional History.

Open from 14.03. to 08.12. from 10 am to 5 pm continuously
Closed on: Monday

Guided tours: 10.15 am and 2.00 pm
Tel. +39 0473 220221
Fax +39 0473 221132

The spa town of Merano

An exploration of the city is an absolute must, as the city center and its immediate surroundings are home to numerous art-historical treasures and evidence of a rich past: Fairytale castles, a variety of predominantly Gothic churches with rare architectural details, museums with uniquely quirky content, a modern art house...
Not to mention the well-known green spaces, promenades, and walking paths, as well as the medieval city center with arcades, alleyways, and buildings adorned with oriels and vaults.

The Museum Passeier

The Sandhof in St. Leonhard in Passeier, the home of the famous freedom fighter Andreas Hofer (1767–1810).

Open from March to November daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Last admission: 5:30 pm
Monday is closed.

Tel. +39 0473 659086
Fax +39 0473 657721

Messner Mountain Museum

Myth of the Mountain

Juval Castle is the summer residence of the Messner family. It is open to visitors in spring and autumn. Theme: the sacred mountains. The museum with a private atmosphere houses several art collections. Tibetica collection, mountain picture gallery, mask collection from five continents, Tantra room, and expedition cellar. There is also a small mountain animal park, the Ortlerhöfe (wine and organic farm) with a restaurant.

Opening hours: until June 30, 2015 and from September 01 to November 01, 2015

Closed on Wednesday. Visits only possible with a guided tour.

Railway World


The Railway World in Rabland near Merano is the largest digital model railway system in Italy. The exhibition is based on an extensive collection of model railways, which with over 20,000 pieces, is one of the largest private collections in Europe. The greatest fascination of the Railway World comes from the impressive miniature landscapes, which - built to a scale of 1:87 (H0) - amaze visitors with numerous details and interactive elements. Discover the sights of South Tyrol in miniature, as well as our fantasy landscape with its incredible variety.

Hiking and strolling in Dorf Tirol

Diversity and variety in hiking and strolling are promised in our holiday destination Dorf Tirol. It extends above Meran up to the Texel Group and the beautiful Spronser Lakes, which have made a name for themselves as the largest high alpine lake plateau. Dorf Tirol is an ideal starting point for beautiful hikes and walks as well as summit tours of every difficulty level. There is something for every age, so even the little ones won't miss out. At Hotel Thurnergut, we offer our guests a large hiking library with the most beautiful hiking tips from the area. Discover plenty of tour suggestions with the in-house post, which will show you the numerous possibilities.

You will find cozy walking paths right outside the door of our hotel. The popular Tappeinerweg between Meran and Dorf Tirol as well as numerous other promenades extend in the immediate vicinity of Dorf Tirol.

In addition, we have good transport connections, so you can easily reach more distant destinations. The promising high-altitude trails around Meran and the various leisure activities ensure that a South Tyrol vacation will never be boring. Every day is a new discovery. Every initiative is a great, positive experience in the pristine natural landscape or in one of the appealing and well-maintained sports and leisure facilities.

Sporting ambitions in mountain biking, paragliding, horseback riding, tennis, or climbing are no problem at all. In the immediate vicinity, there are various spectacular leisure activities for young and old. Two nearby golf courses, in Lana and the Passeiertal, also require a lot of talent and perseverance.

A vacation in Dorf Tirol is quite something, but definitely not boring!

The Tappeinerweg near Merano

Our hotel is located on the sunny slope above the popular spa town of Merano and offers an excellent starting point for leisurely walks along the promenades in the area.

A true gem among the promenades of Merano is the Tappeinerweg: it starts just two minutes walk from our hotel in Dorf Tirol and leads down to Merano. Here you will reach the beautiful historic center.
As there are no significant inclines along the way, the promenade is also suitable for strollers.

The Tappeinerweg in Merano is lined with Mediterranean flora from Dorf Tirol to the spa town and offers magnificent views of Merano as well as numerous orchards and vineyards of the Merano region. Along the way, there are many places to stop and enjoy, making the Tappeinerweg a true pleasure trail.

Upon reaching the city of Merano, you will find other recommended promenades: these include the Kurpromenade, the Gilfpromenade, the Falknerpromenade and the Winterpromenade, which are beautiful to walk at any time of the year and a true highlight.

If you do not want to walk the entire route back to the hotel again, you have the option to simply take the bus back to Dorf Tirol, or vice versa. The nearest bus stop is only a few minutes walk from the Hotel Thurnergut.

Joyful bubbling at every step along the Waalwege. Once they served to irrigate the valley for fertility. Today, they inspire the steps of joyful hikers. The old waterways, the Waale, trace a charming path through the country. Link between Mediterranean and alpine landscape. In 8 short stages, a total of 84 km, you can circle the Merano basin. A hike is recommended at any time of the year and provides magnificent views of the generous natural landscape.

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Matching every season, we have prepared attractive offers for your stay at Thurnergut from spring to late autumn. Experience our feel-good atmosphere and the diverse natural landscape in the Merano region.

Fall Week
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Fall Week

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The Merano region offers a variety of hiking and walking opportunities, ranging from Merano to the Texel Group and the picturesque Spronser Lakes. As a starting point for hikes, walks and summit tours of all levels of difficulty, our location is ideal and every age group will find something to suit them. At Hotel Thurnergut we offer our guests an extensive hiking library with the best hiking tips in the area and you will receive plenty of tour suggestions in our in-house post. Leisurely walks start right on the doorstep of our hotel, including the popular Tappeinerweg trail between Meran and Dorf Tirol, as well as numerous other promenades in the immediate vicinity.

Tappeinerweg in Merano

Experience the peaceful beauty of the Tappeinerweg trail above Merano. This picturesque path leads through Mediterranean vegetation and offers breathtaking views of the town and the surrounding countryside. Perfect for relaxing walks and moments of tranquillity surrounded by nature.


Discover the fascinating beauty of Tirol Castle high above the village of Tirol in South Tyrol. With its imposing architecture, rich history and breathtaking views, it is an unforgettable destination for history buffs and nature lovers alike.


Surrounded by lush gardens and majestic mountains, this historic property offers an oasis of beauty and tranquillity. Immerse yourself in the colourful flowerbeds and stroll through exotic plant worlds. With its botanical wonders and cultural treasures, Trauttmansdorff Castle is an unrivalled destination for every visitor.